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Pipe filter

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 Pipeline filter has been favored by our humanity, we all know that pipe filters in water treatment function is very powerful, and sewage treatment to force, precisely because it was only us humans favor, pipe filters going oneffective development of water resources environmental protection to promote its overall environmental development goals, in order to further promote the development of the device structure design a comprehensive improvement of water environment is well known, serious waterthe problem of China's economic resources development has also been bound, generated in order to better able to breakthrough in the development process of economic development of water resources, pipeline filter will be bred to the best choice. Development in recent years, the development of China's water environment as the most important development goals to attract more people to push forward, while in recent years, the development of China's economic resources are being more and more people are concerned, In order to be able to be comprehensive to promote the overall development pipeline filter will do their best to complete the overall governance of water resources in China. Pipe filter cleaning works: filter cleaning timing backwash of sewage: regular cleaning of sewage can be set for 2-24 hours action. Regular time, the electric actuator to open the drain valve, filter sewage 30-60 seconds, and then the electric actuator will shift to the butterfly valve rotated 90 ° to block the cartridge, to change the flow path, the backwash of sewage 30-60 seconds . Pipe filter can effectively overcome the small amount of pollutant in the traditional filtration products, and vulnerable to dirt clogging the filter part of the need to disassemble and clean and can not monitor the status of the filter a number of shortcomings, with the raw water filter and automatic filter cleaning sewage the uninterrupted water supply and sewage cleaning system that can monitor the working status of the filter, the high degree of automation. Covered by 10um to 3000um a variety of filtering accuracy.

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