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NANMAR Corporation is a comprehensive production service enterprise and has two subsidiaries, namely Suzhou NANMAR Filtration Device Co., Ltd. and Suzhou NANMAR Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou NANMAR Filtration Device Co., Ltd. mainly produces high-quality filter, filter bag, filter cartridge, purification equipment and environmental protection equipment which are widely used in the environmental protection fields of electronics, medical treatment, iron & steel, ships, electric power, coating, sand blasting or shot blasting, cement, petrochemical industry, ceramics, tobacco, etc. Over years of development, the company takes a dominant position in the industry.
Suzhou NANMAR Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional service provider of first-rate environmental engineering and purification engineering.
  NANMAR has introduced several most advanced filter production lines and proprietary technology from Japan for enhancing hardware production of filter. In order to ensure product quality, all high-efficiency filters are made and tested in a clean environment (about class 100000). With soaring development of semiconductor electronic industry, NANMAR developed 0.1μmULPA filter (filter efficiency for 0.1-0.2μm particles: over 99.9995%). Meanwhile, NANMAR can self-produce a variety of preliminary and medium-efficiency filter cottons, and is the only enterprise proficient in production of filter and filter cotton. Our advanced filter cotton and filter test equipment can figure out all tests with different particles as customer required.
  As NANMAR filter bag and filter cartridge are made from imported or homemade high-grade filter materials, the company has established the partnerships with America HV, Toray, Kolon, Jiangxi Guoqiao and Hangzhou Xinhua, and has ability to ensure quality and dimensional stability through full computer control.
  NANMAR boasts a technical team headed by doctors and professors focusing on purification equipment and environmental protection equipment, as well as excellent technical equipment including over 100 sets of different large CNC sheet-metal working, high-precision metal cutting equipment and precision testing instruments such as CNC cutting machine, CNC plate shearing machine, CNC bending machine, CNC veneer reeling machine, vertical machining center, precision jig boring machine, precision internal and external grinding machine, three-coordinate measuring machine and dynamic balancing machine, etc.
  Leading products cover primary, medium and high-efficiency filters and primary and medium-efficiency filter cotton, all kinds of gas or liquid filter bags, filter cartridges, air showers, transfer windows, dust-free antistatic worktables, FFU and other purification equipment as well as environmental protection equipment of waste gas treatment. If you want to know more products, please visit our “Product Center” on website.
  Constant Improvement, Professional Quality. NANMAR is your trustworthy partner!